Herefordshire Independent Principles & Objectives

  1. Open Local Government We support a full review of Council management practices, open joint responsibility of the whole council. Committee and Chair selections based on skills and experience not direction from a Party structure. Closer scrutiny of contracted services and council involved organisations including the local NHS, (Wye Valley Trust in Herefordshire) through scrutiny committees – Ensuring public accountability and value for money.

  2. Improved Scrutiny and Quality SystemsCommitment to deliver quality services based on best value not lowest cost, party influence or historical precedence. Ensuring full accountability of the chief executive, managers and staff.
  3. Environmental Responsibility – At every opportunity we will implement policies and practices that deliver high levels of environmental protection, enhancement and the sustainability of this rural County.
  4. Financial Accountability – Adherence to best practice when awarding contracts, purchasing and disposing of Council assets, managing the council’s budget and close monitoring of capital projects.
  5. Borrowing - We will limit the Council's borrowing to the lowest level commensurate with achieving our realistic but ambitious goals for the County.
  6. Local TransportIntegrated use of existing and new routes in and around the county, to provide a solution fit for the 21st Century using a mixture of an additional river crossing, improved rail services, park and ride, bus services, cycling routes and safe pedestrian walkways, all designed to improve air quality by reducing carbon emissions and congestion.
  7. Planning for People not PoliticsThis must be driven and controlled by elected members, open, transparent and democratic.
  8. Housing To support the planned growth of jobs in the county, we will encourage new housing development in line with Neighbourhood Development Plans. We support rural and urban communities through encouraging sensitive and sustainable design. We promote affordable homes for not only the first-time buyers but also for the rental market. We encourage reasonable development on the fringes of the city, but to prevent constant congestion and air pollution we will look to increase development where adequate infrastructure and job opportunities already exist. Ensuring sufficient provision and access to schools, medical and leisure facilities.
  9. Youth Provision - We will provide the best education and employment opportunities for all in the County, including improving local youth activities and facilities.
  10. Economic Development - We will actively promote the development of commercial and career opportunities in the Enterprise Zone and other employment sites across the county and invest in the enabling infrastructure. We support the promotion of Technical training, Apprenticeship programmes and development of the New University. We will work to regenerate the retail offering in the county with a focus on the Local Independent sector. We are committed to active participation in the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership to ensure the funding from national Government and direct private investments flow to Herefordshire.
  11. Compassionate Health & Social Care - We will work to deliver a coherent service from all sectors of the Social and Health care agencies provided by, or linked to, Herefordshire Council. We will closely scrutinise these services and work to improve the council’s performance, particularly for the vulnerable, retired and disabled.
  12. A Future for HerefordshireWe will create an environment that is Best for Business, Best for Lifestyle, Best for Families and best for the Future. Working closely with partners and our highly valued voluntary sector at all times.

Independents – An Alliance not just for now but for the Future of Herefordshire –

No party politics just practical policies for people!

“Wye” (WHY) Independent

  • Independent candidates are the best way to give (you) the electorate more choice and real representation.
  • Independent councillors have served their communities for over 100 years and there are over 2,000 Independent councillors in England and Wales.
  • Independents respond to local communities, not to a party political or single interest group.
  • Being an Independent councillor allows expressions of political views without being told what to think and how to vote.
  • Independent representatives seek to work with and engage the best skills and talents for every appointment in the council and oppose the secret back room arrangements of political parties.
  • Independent councillors put their local communities first.
  • Independent councillors occupy a variety of positions in local government bringing valuable experience and have gained a high level of public confidence.
  • Support for Independent councillors nationally is increasing as electors grow more distrustful of party politicians.
  • Independents act on the concerns of their local electorate who quickly see the benefit of having a representative who is driven by public spirit and conscience and not hampered by party rules and regulations.
  • Independents believe in ‘Open Government’ and joint responsibility to deliver the highest quality services at the best value for money.
  1. Over the last 30+ years Herefordshire Council has achieved its best performance when Independents had a majority of members or were in a coalition.

    If you share these objectives and values then please join or support us - contact your local INDEPENDENT COUNCILLOR.